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Having you been thinking of visiting the Mediterranean, but you have not been sure about where, exactly, to go? We here at Blue Holiday Gozo think you should want to visit Gozo first. There are truly numerous reasons why you should want to visit Gozo. In this article, we will talk about the many things that the island has to offer visitors. And when you visit Gozo, remember to stay with us in our luxury holiday apartments. Call us today to make a reservation for your stay.
Historical Sites
One of the reasons that so many of our customers decide to visit Gozo is because of the rich history in the area. Gozo has been inhabited for thousands of years. There are many historical sites in and around the island, including ruins, chapels, cathedrals, walled cities, and more. Almost all of these sites have daily tours. If you want to make your visit to us fun and also educational, this is most certainly the route to go. Just let us know that you are interested in seeing the local historical sites. You will probably get more recommendations than you can use!
Local Flavors
When you visit Gozo, be sure to try all our local flavors. Local flavors can be traditions and festivals specific to the area, like Carnival, or even things that you can do here that you can do nowhere else, such as shopping in one of our many open air markets. We also highly encourage our visitors to actually get to know local flavors through their mouths. While you are staying here you will want to try a few of the local specialty dishes and prized restaurants. Both our workers, as well as locals, always have recommendations for great food.
Nature’s Beauty
There is probably one top reason why so many of our customers visit Gozo: to see natural beauty. When you visit Gozo, you will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches, vistas, and views in the whole Mediterranean. Unlike other islands in the area, we are a bit more out of the way. For visitors, this means that there is more unspoiled beauty to enjoy. Relax on one of our secluded beaches. Or have yourself a quick hike. A swim in the sea is also always an option. No matter what part of nature you enjoy, you can find it, here.

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