Ta' Pinu Church in Gozo

As you know, Gozo is home to a lot of gorgeous chapels, churches, and monuments. But of all of these, the most well-known is Ta Pinu Sanctuary Gozo. Ta Pinu Sanctuary Gozo is probably one of the most well-known chapels in the island. Here, we will tell you why. We will also tell you why Ta Pinu Sanctuary Gozo is a must see during your visit to Gozo. And, luckily, it is only minutes from our apartment.

A Rich History

No one really knows when this chapel was built. However, Pope Gregory XII did visit first visit in in the 1500s. During this time, Pope Gregory was engaging in condemning and demolishing small chapels like this on the island. But Ta Pinu Sanctuary Gozo was a bit different. Legend has it that when the first man tried to knock down the stone wall, his arm was broken. Everyone took it as a sign from God. Because of this, Ta Pinu Sanctuary Gozo was saved as a church. In the 1600s it was remodeled, and again in the 1920s. Services are still held there.

Learning About Culture and Faith in the Area

Ta Pinu Sanctuary Gozo can teach visitors a lot about the importance of faith in the area. Just recently, the Pope visited the area. People from all over the Mediterranean and Europe come to visit the chapel. The structure itself is a lesson in church architecture, as well as building preservation and restoration. To see the Ta Pinu Sanctuary Gozo is to seriously understand just how faithful many citizens of the island truly are. We highly recommend that you attend at least one service while you are here with us, even just as a cultural experience.

Just Minutes from Our Apartments

Are you planning a trip to visit the Ta Pinu Sanctuary Gozo? If so, then contact us today. This gorgeous chapel is just a few minutes by car from our apartments. All of our apartments are already appointed in luxury style. You will not find any other apartments like these in the area. Even better, rental for our accommodations is extremely affordable. We can arrange to let you rent one or our apartments no matter the length of your stay. Just let us know how long you want to stay with us and if you need any special accommodations.

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