salt pans marriage

At only a few steps away from the Marsalforn apartment, it will be possible to immerse into a completely naturalistic atmosphere, where time seems to suddenly stop: the Xwejni Salt Pans.

Carved in the stones of the coast and characterized by a partially natural origin, the salt pans create an incredibly suggestive atmosphere, even more due to the fact that they keep being used for salt harvesting by a Gozitan family, following the very same traditional and genuine way that’s being handed down from generation to generation.

Try to picture a huge stretch of tubs reflecting the colors of the sea and the sky, nestled into a lunar – to say the least – landscape, gently polished in its entirety by the wind alone, throughout the ages. 

The limestone coast, the salt pans, the sea as far as the eyes can see and – if you were to visit the place during the sunset – even the sun that slowly disappears leaving its palette of warm and romantic colors to the sky, will give you the impression of being on a whole different planet, and will project you into another age, far away from the humdrum routine we’re all used to. 

It is not by mere chance that the Salt Pans are an extremely popular destination for walking, jogging, diving and taking pictures. One particular day, as we were walking right on the road of the Salt Pans, we saw the huge celebration of a fancy marriage. It certainly was a nice surprise, but it’s undeniable that to find a location as stunning and touching as the Xwejni Salt Pans is extremely hard.

Salt pans near Qbajjar in Gozo, Malta.

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