How to arrive in gozo

Are you ready to set off on your own Mediterranean adventure and stay with us? If so, great! You are well on your way to a luxurious, fantastic, restful holiday. But before you take your break, you need to find us here on the island of Gozo. Here, we will tell our European travelers how simple it is to find out luxury holiday apartments here on Gozo. We will also tell you why just this trip is one you do not want to miss!

The Journey is Half the Experience

Unlike other holiday apartments that may be simpler to get to, just getting to our apartments is an adventure. Just taking a simple flight out of your home city to another city to get into a cab is no fun. With us, your journey will be a bit different. What starts as a simple plane ride starting in Europe will end with a ride on a ferry that will allow you to see the local area like no other mode of transportation. The way to reach us even allows travelers to have a short stop over or break in Malta, if wanted.

Getting Here

So how do you get here? Simple! To start, you just need to book a flight from the nearest European major airport to the Malta airport. From the Malta airport, it is a short ride to the Port of Malta. You can choose to ride a bus, take a taxi, or get a car from the airport to the port. Once at the port, you will have to arrange to take a ride on the ferry to the island of Gozo. Once on the island of Gozo, we will meet you at the port and take you to your holiday apartment.

Contact Us for More Information

Need more information about what flights to book, what airports offer flights to Malta, and more? If so, then just contact us today. You can do so via phone. Or feel free to send us an email. Our friendly and helpful staff is always happy to answer any questions that you might have. We are the most luxurious apartments in the area, conveniently located closely to beautiful areas, historical sites, nature reserves, and more. Whether traveling alone, with your partner, family, or even other loved ones, we are a perfect choice for everyone. Let us take care of you today!

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