Views over Ramla Bay - Gozo

Gozo is home to lots of must-see natural and historical sites. But few of them approach the beauty and significance of Ramla Bay. Here, we will tell you about just what sets Ramla Bay apart from other beaches in the area and in the world. We will also tell you we will tell you about the famous sites surrounding Ramla Bay. Lastly, we will tell you just how simple it is to visit Ramla Bay when you stay with us.

A Beach unlike Any Other

The name of Ramla Bay itself is not unique. You will find that there is another one located in Malta. However, the beach and sand at Ramla Bay in Gozo is known throughout the world. You will find that the water is clear and often warm. The sand that lines the wide beach is also a unique color. As a matter of fact, the Maltese name for this beach can actually be translated as Red Sandy Beach. This is because the reddish and golden color of the sand on the beach. Sand which has been well-known since even Roman times.

A Historical and Famous Cave

Nearby Ramla Bay you can find a cave of historical and (supposed) literary significance known as Calypso Cave. Both tradition and legend tells us that this cave is the one where Ulysses was captured and held as a love slave for several years during The Odyssey by Homer. Calypso Cave is located just to the easy of Ramla Bay. There is a path that leads from the bay to the Cave. Just bring a flashlight or lantern to navigate the save. Enjoy this cave, along with walking the beach and swimming the waters, while visiting Ramla Bay.

Just Ten Minutes from Our Apartments

Ramla Bay is simple and easy to get to. From our luxury holiday apartments on the island, Ramla Bay is only a ten minute car ride. Or you could make this same journey by taking a long walk to the Bay. Bus service is also available. Once you get to Ramla Bay, you will find that there are showers, restrooms, and even snacks available right on the beach. For this reason Ramla Bay has become a very popular day trip and tourist destination for families, school groups, or those just looking to see the gorgeous vistas the beach has to offer.

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