Popeye village in Malta

The island of Gozo, just off Malta, is a picturesque place. So much so that many Hollywood moguls have scoped it out for their films in a variety of genres. Want to learn more about the movies that have been filmed in Gozo? Here, we will give you a list of movies that have been filmed here. We will also tell you about upcoming movie projects in the area. Lastly, we will tell you where you can stay to see all these beautiful places for yourself!

Past Films

Here are some of the films where Gozo appears:

  • Midnight Express (1979) was a movie about a Turkish prison;
  • Popeye (1980) was a movie starring Robin Williams about the spinach loving sailor;
  • The movie White Squall (1996), starring Jeff Bridges, featured storm scenes filmed nearby;
  • A Different Loyalty (2004) was a romance film starring Sharon Stone;
  • The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) featured St. Mary’s tower in Comino into the Chateau d’If;
  • Sean Connery’s The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (2003) was filmed on Gozo;
  • Helen of Troy (2003) featured a few shots of the Blue Lagoon, which is also located on Comino.

Upcoming Films

Recently, yet another movie project was announced for the area. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s movie, By the Sea, started filming in August of this year. One particular beach in Gozo was actually closed to the public from August to November of this year for filming. A few structures were constructed on this beach specifically for filming this movie. Their aim with this film is to put Gozo on the map. Jolie is slated to direct this film. She will also star in it with her partner, Pitt. Be sure to check out this film in the coming months.

See Them All with Us!

Would you like to tread where Hollywood stars have trod? If so, then come stay with us on the beautiful island of Gozo. Many of these locations are just minutes away from our luxury holiday apartments. It’s possible to get to some of them via car. Others require a very short ferry or boat ride. We often have customers who come to stay with us wanting to see some of these areas. We are more than happy to let them know where they can snap some pictures of the places used in their favorite films. You can do the same when staying with us.

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