Half marathon Gozo

It seems like more and more people, every day, are taking up running as a sport, hobby, and a way to get fit. We want to invite all of those who love to run to our own annual race, the Gozo Half Marathon. Think that such a race might not be for you? Chances are, you would be wrong. Here, we will tell you about the Gozo Half Marathon, one of the oldest marathon races in the area.
A History both Long and Diverse
The Gozo Half Marathon has been happening every year on the island since 1977. With time, comes maturity. As you might have imagined, by now, word of the race has spread. We get visitors from Malta, Europe, and even further abroad to take part in this race. At this point in race history, anyone and everyone is welcome to enter the race. People seem to love just how great the race is organized. All the routes are carefully planned, and that extra planning shows. Participants also comment that once you run the Gozo Half Marathon, you will be hooked.
A Variety of Races
Are you intimidated by the idea of a half marathon? You should not be! The Gozo Half Marathon offers more than just the half marathon race. Instead, you can enter into a variety of events. We offer biking events, a fun run, and races at various lengths. These lengths range from 4 kilometers to 8 miles to 13.1 miles. Just choose whichever one you feel you can do. Check out the Gozo Half Marathon webpage for more information about routes. Participants of these events are encouraged to challenge themselves, but to also know their own limits.
Come Run with Us!
If you are excited about the idea of the Gozo Half Marathon, we would be more than happy to have you stay with us. Just a few minutes’ walk from the starting place of many of these routes, we offer luxury holiday apartments. Almost every year, our apartments are booked far in advance in anticipation of this event. But if you make your reservation now you can stay in some of the most fantastically appointed apartments in the area. Simply contact us today through our webpage, here. Or get in contact with us via phone. We can help you to start planning your trip today.

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