Ggantija Temple Remains in Gozo

Do you love the Mediterranean? Thinking of visiting the areas soon? If so, then you should be sure that Gozo is on your list of places to visit. Here at Blue Holiday, we offer some great holiday apartments on the island of Gozo that are perfect for your next getaway. We also want to let you know about some of the great things nearby that you can do while relaxing here. Here, we will tell you more about the nearby Ggantija Temples.

What Is It?

The Ggantija Temples are a Neolithic site on the island of Gozo that is of great historical and archeological significance. Believe it or not, the Ggantija Temples were erected before either Stonehenge or the pyramids in Egypt and are still partially standing! Various excavations in the area suggest that the site was used as a place of worship. In these temples, animal sacrifices, as well as sacrifices of liquids, and perhaps other foods, were carried out in an elaborately painted temple. If you want to learn more about the ancients of the Neolithic Mediterranean, this is the perfect place!

What Makes It Special?

Visiting this area can teach us much about the historical vastness of human civilization and culture in the Mediterranean area. Other than the age of the temples, these temples also allow us to learn about technology from the Neolithic era. This is one reason why UNESCO has declared these temples a World Heritage Site. Architecture, building techniques, and even prehistoric religions are all things that we can learn more about here. Some of the limestone stones used to create this structure weigh over 50 tons. Learn about how these structures were built, ceremonies, and more at the nearby Interpretation Centre.

Very Near Our Holiday Apartment!

The Ggantija Temples are just another breathtaking destination that you can visit at Gozo while staying in our holiday apartment. These temples are a very short distance away on the island. Be there and back in just a few hours! We highly recommend visiting this site for those more interested about learning about the Neolithic age in general. The Temples are also a great educational and family destination. Here, you can help your children or students to learn more about the proud historical and cultural legacy of the area. Come experience the Ggantija Temples for yourself while staying with us!

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