Diving in Malta
Gozo, as you may already know, is a fantastic Mediterranean destination. This island is famous for its historical sites, natural beauty, unique culture, and gorgeous beaches. But did you know that Gozo is also famous for its diving? Believe it or not, the diving in Gozo is some of the best anywhere in the area. Lots of divers even say that going diving in Gozo is like visiting a whole new world because of the places to explore, the wildlife to see, and more.

Explore Caves and Caverns

Diving in Gozo is not like diving in other places around the Mediterranean. Here you will find a wide variety of caverns, caves, rock formations, arches, tunnels, and chimneys to explore under the water. These submerged structures make diving exciting, fun, and a new experience each time. Many of these caves offer unique and beautiful wildlife that you simply cannot see anywhere else. For lots of visitors to our luxury holiday apartments, diving in Gozo is often one of the many reasons they have decided to visit the island. If you love to experience natural beauty, diving in Gozo is for you, too!

Perfect for All Levels of Divers

Never dived before? Afraid that you might not be able to participate in diving in Gozo? Think again! Diving in Gozo is available for all levels of divers. Even if you are not yet certified, one of our helpful diving schools in the area can help you. There are dives spots in Gozo that are suited to beginners, experienced, and even professional and advanced divers. Most of our local diving schools also offer a wide range of gear for diving in Gozo that you can purchase or rent. Even if you do not come entirely prepared, you can still dive in the area while here!

Famous for Water Visibility and Great Dives

You will find that Gozo is home to over 50 different dive spots around the island. Most of them are easily accessible via boat. Diving in Gozo is unlike any in the world due to the high visibility of the water. This means that not only can you get up close and personal with wildlife and beautiful natural rock formations, but you will be able to see them in a way you have never been able to see them before. Come enjoy our clean waters and challenging dives today!

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