Experience the Gorgeous Xlendi Bay

Xlendi Bay is a bay that stands out from other beaches in the Gozo area. Surrounded by fantastically quaint and charming villages, you will find the gorgeous Xlendi Bay. While you are there you can experience the fantastic beaches and great weather. Or check out many of the interesting historical landmarks in the area. Check out the find dining right near Xlendi Bay. Best of all, this great, quiet tourist spot is just a few minutes from our luxury holiday apartments.

Relax in the Sun

One of the reasons that tourists love Xlendi Bay is because it is a truly isolated spot. Do not expect to run into a lot of tourists while on the beach. In Xlendi Bay, you can truly enjoy the sounds of the sea. Get far away from the hubbub of modern life. The rocky outcrops right on the bay are perfect spot for relaxing with a book, or sunbathing. If you would rather do something during the course of the day while at Xlendi Bay, check out the nearby landmarks. Several chapels are near the area. As are a set of Punic tombs.

Enjoy Fantastic Food

Chances are while you are at Xlendi Bay, you will want to sample some of the local culture. One of the best ways to do that is by trying the food. There are plenty of authentic restaurants offering delicious food. Almost all of these restaurants offer Mediterranean fare. Nearly all of them are also within walking distance of the beach. Also feel free to check out some of the nearby spas, resorts, and restaurants that are housed there. Perhaps opt for a massage, or even just a drink or two to relax.

Just a Few Minutes from Our Apartments

Xlendi Bay is a great place to visit while you are staying with us. At most, it is just a few minutes by car. You can even catch a bus to the bay from our luxury holiday apartments. Before you go, ask us about the many things to do and see while you are visiting Xlendi Bay. If you are interested in learning more about our apartments, simply check out our accommodations here on the webpage. We gladly offer luxury apartments for very short trip to Gozo, as well as for months at a time!

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