Low angle shot of the St George Basilica in Victoria, Malta

Gozo is much more than just a beautiful Mediterranean getaway. It is also home to several important heritage and historical sites. One of those is the Citadel in Victoria. Here, we will tell you a bit more about this ancient, fortified structure. We will also tell you what sets it apart from other historical areas on the island. We will also tell you about neat places to visit while you are visiting the Citadel in Victoria. Lastly, we will tell you how you can plan your visit with us.

What Sets It Apart

The Citadel in Victoria is on the shortlist for consideration to be deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is actually a large fortified city. By 1500 BC, the first fortified structure was erected on this same site in Gozo. The oldest standing part of the Citadel today dates back to around the time that the Crown of Aragon was in power in the area. At times during the history of Gozo, the population of the entire island has sought refuge (at once, even) within the walls of the Citadel in Victoria. Today you can visit to learn more about history, conflict in the area, and more.

Places to See in the Citadel

As you might imagined, a fortified city has lots of interesting places within its walls to visit. One of the more popular places to visit is the Cathedral of St. Mary with its fantastic ceiling trompe l’oeil. This baroque style church was built in the 1600s. You can also visit the building known as The Courts of Justice, as well as The Old Prison. Saint Barbara, a small chapel, is a place where a few famous residents of the area are buried. St. Joseph Church is also within the limestone city walls.

Plan Your Stay with Us

Are you interested in seeing the Citadel in Victoria? Want to get away to a fantastic, historical, and beautiful Mediterranean isle? If so, then Gozo is the place for you. And our luxury holiday apartments on the island happen to be the perfect place to stay. We take care of all our guests’ needs, no matter how large or how small. We can also gladly point you in the direction of other historical and cultural sites in and around Gozo. Contact us today to plan your trip to our lovely island and your stay with us.

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