The world famous Azure Window in Gozo island - Mediterranean nature wonder in the beautiful Malta - Unrecognizable touristic scuba divers

The Azure Windows is one of the wonders of the Island of Gozo, an absolute must everyone should absolutely visit. Those who are lucky enough to spend their holidays in Gozo, will be left astonished by one of the most characteristic natural monuments of the Island (as you may have noticed, the Azure Window also appears in our logo).

The Azure Window in the village of Dwejra is the perfect example of how the most sublime artist of them all is nature itself. After millions of years of patience, it was in fact able to carve in stone a majestic arch, all thanks to the constant combined hard work of the wind and the sea, that shaped the stone walls with remarkable creativity.

We’re living in Gozo for more than a year now and we couldn’t possibly get tired of visiting the Dwejra Bay, as every single time we happen to discover its always renewed incredible beauty.  Azure Window is one of those locations with no season nor time. It’s extraordinary by day, adorned by a quiet sea with its blue and turquoise colors merging with kaleidoscopic beauty into the pale blue sky. The Bay appears romantic and breathtaking at sunset, and it doesn’t lose its charm even when out of season, with the waves breaking on the cliffs as if they were trying to claim the fatherhood of their wonderful piece of art. According to some citizens of the island, the thin architrave is not going to last long, but the Azure Window is a pure creation of nature, that loses itself into time and seems to be almost able to stop it. This is why we like to believe it will last forever.

Even the big production companies of Hollywood have recognized how much of an enchanted location this is. In the past few years Gozo became, in fact, the set of a large number of colossal movies, such as Troy, starring Brad Pitt; The Odyssey and the TV-series Game of Thrones, for which the popular scene of a wedding was shot right here in the Azure Window, as you can observe from the video.

Fungus Rock

What gives charms to this protected area is not only Azure Window. Right in front of it, it’s possible to see the Fungus Rock arising from the sea. It’s a 60 meters high rock formation that encloses a history that almost smells like a legend. Also known as The General’s Rock, it’s been for many years under the control of the Knights of Malta, that were trying to guard a mysterious mushroom that could apparently only grow on that big rock in the middle of the sea. The mushroom was believed to have strong healing properties. As of now, the seafloor of the Fungus Rock is an extremely popular destination for all the snorkeling enthusiasts.

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a 45 meters long rock pool located at the foot of Azure Window and it’s the most popular site of the Island in terms of scuba excursions and diving. Tourists from all over the world come here to dive into this incredible geological phenomenon. The deep blue chasm is connected to the open sea through an underwater tunnel.   

Inland sea

In the very same touristic area, it is also possible to find the Inland Sea, a protected lagoon connected to the open sea through a narrow natural passageway. Tourists will have the opportunity to visit the sea caves riding on small boats, which allow them to enjoy an incredible sight of colors. 

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